I have experience on the ground in Africa, Europe, and the U.S. I have covered international policy, human rights, politics, the cannabis and vaping industries, and regulations on gene editing. I currently write for Investopedia and for The Well News. I also run The Stringer newsletter.


Whether it's about revenge murders among the South Sudanese, the rise of fascists in Spain, or the attempt to redraw political and cultural lines in North America, this journalism shows the important and fascinating stories that are too often missing from the headlines, or simply reduced to a game of left versus right. It will take you to places foreign and domestic from a non-partisan, though by no means detached, way. 


Tailored high-level research on volatile sectors and on specialized topics:


  • Well-packaged and highly detailed global regulations trackers on several industries (vaping; CBD; gene editing) for nonprofits and consultancies.

  • Well-informed and inventive policy proposals for human rights and development; and market research for highly volatile North American sectors.


  • Stanford University and the College of William and Mary on the politics of the Catalan referendum and the historical attempts to build metaphysics from mescaline, respectively.

  • Conversations on topics such as the political structure of the US. He has debated with numerous opponents on issues like the rights of immigrants and the US' role in the UN. 

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