I work as a journalist, organizer, and teacher.


I have been published in online magazines based in the US and UK and the EU, and print newspapers in Virginia and Iowa. I have spoken on political science, philosophy, and journalism by invitation from student groups at Stanford University and the College of William and Mary.

I have a BA in government from the College of William and Mary, where I specialized in political economics and international development; I did my internship at the Department of Homeland Security, in the Office of Policy.

I have made something of a specialty of the business and regulatory side of the e-cigarette industry; I am currently the North American correspondent for a data and analytics company in that space.

In June-July of 2016, I was in South Sudan as a witness to a diaspora-led peace initiative (“Western Lakes Peace Conference”, which received USAID funding through various subsidiaries).

I grew up near the part of Southern California that Joan Didion so ably describes in the opening to “Slouching Towards Bethlehem”, the part where conservatism and religion are more common than books. I am, nonetheless, neither religious nor conservative, as the essays (undoubtedly) reveal. I have worked professionally and lived in California, Iowa, Louisiana, Virginia, DC and New York.

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