• Daniel Mollenkamp

7/11 Serves ‘Single Origin’ Coffee

Continuing its effort to be branded as socially conscious, 7/11 is now offering “certified single origin coffee,” sourced from Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

This is part of “third wave” coffee culture, a movement which seeks to establish coffee as an artisanal good, comparable to, say, wine and cheese.

One of the recent pushes of this movement has been to make artisanal coffee more accessible, mostly through attempts at mass production.

This has proven particularly difficult since the business model that has made artisanal coffee popular is highly localized.  Furthermore, artisanal coffee is usually found in the gentrified part of town, and has become associated with bearded hipsters and snobbish baristas.

Another major frustration is consumer perception/apathy.

Most of the people who get their coffee from 7/11, and similar stores, openly declare that they do not care about “quality” or “artisanal” coffee, which is a rejection of the values of the third-wavers. Rather, these consumers want cheap coffee, and they want it quickly. (My father is an example of this type of consumer.)

Since artisanal coffee tends to drive up price and wait time, it has proven hard to square this particular circle.

It’s something to keep an eye on.

Today’s challenge, ask yourself: ‘where do I buy coffee? Do I seek out any particular coffee because of factors like taste or price?’

Original post: https://caffeineconfessions.wordpress.com/2016/12/04/711-serves-single-origin-coffee/

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