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Ordering a coffee in Geneva or the UK may get you blown by a robot

Coffeehouses have historically pushed the bounds of normality. A Swiss sex company continues that tradition. But, first, a question.

Would you pay for a blowjob at a cafe?… What if that blowjob was from a robot?

Facegirl, the Swiss sex company that proposed to launch “Fellatio Cafe”, is now considering using robots instead of prostitutes.

Initially, the plan was to allow men to sit at the bar and order a coffee while selecting which prostitute they wanted, a similar model to brothels in Thailand and Ethiopia, among other places.

Although it was supposed to open by the end of this year, Facegirl has yet to receive the go-ahead from Swiss authorities. Though legal, prostitution is both heavily regulated and controversial, requiring valid permits.

Thirty-three legal establishments were shut down in 2015 for failing to comply with regulations and permits, according to reports.

‘It’s complicated,’ Facegirl’s Bradley Charvet told Le Matin, adding that while prostitution is legal in Switzerland, he may opt instead for robots. One U.S. company makes lifelike robot-women for a cost of $1,800-$3,000. Six to eight robots would be needed in the cafe, Charvet said. Reported by the Toronto Sun.

Chavert has announced plans for another shop in the UK, where prostitution is also legal, though restricted.

In Washington, seven “bikini barista” stands, places where suggestively-dressed women serve coffee, were shut down  for prostitution using FBI surveillance in 2013.

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